Clean and Green Fundraising Program

Unlike traditional fundraising campaigns, Earth’s Berries™has developed a simple yet effective fundraising program that not only raises funds for your organization but also creates awareness of the use of green products for laundry and cleaning. 


Earth’s Berries™products are great for the planet, for the community, for our bodies and help to employ people in third word countries.  Could there be a better fundraiser for your organization?

This terrific fundraising program can be launched at anytime throughout the year.  In particular, Earth’s Berries™products make great gifts at any time of the year.



The Clean and Green Fundraising Program is avaialble to official organizations such as schools, sports teams, girl guildes, scouts or any registered charities. The Clean and Green Fundraising program will provide your organization with a 30% profit margin.  You will receive your profits right from the payment date and you will only pay the discounted amount.  No waiting for funds to arrive!  And, we provided different price points to suit any budget and support your organisation.  Your customers purchase the Earth’s Berries™  produts without enduring the cost of shipping.  We provide all of the materials yo need at no extra cost; you receive the catalogues, order forms and collection envelopes.

If you would like to be part of our Clean and Green Fundraising Program, please fill out the contact form and well send you more information.