Why Use Soap Nuts?

The search for natural laundry detergent and eco friendly cleaning supplies is  at times frustrating and expensive, many people avoid this option simply on the perception of cost and lack of availability. Many times there is also concern that an all natural laundry detergent won’t work as well as the standard commercial detergents.

Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts are one of the cheapest ways to do laundry available on the market today. They offer exceptional cleaning power and odour removal and they eliminate the need for fabric softener as they get your laundry clean....and they work!

To put it in a nutshell, Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts are:

  • cost effective (cheaper than the leading brand name detergents) - Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts cost per load is .08-.10 cents

  • hypo-allergenic - Soap nuts rinse right through fabrics leaving no detergent residue to irritate the skin and they are completely fragrance free
  • 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly - Soap from a tree, when they are fully used they can be returned to the earth as compost. Earth’s Berries™ packaging is also 100% biodegradable
  • high efficiency friendly - The natural low foaming action of the Earth’s Berries soap nuts make them safe for any “HE” machine
  • pet safe - Cleans the coat and neutralises pet odour. Safe for dogs with skin sensitivities and allergies.
  • cloth diaper safe - Helps keeps the diaper absorbency, cleans residue free, neutralises ammonia odour, soft on babies bottoms
  • gentle on fabics - Soap nuts have great cleaning power but are gentle on fabrics helping to keep colours and protect fabric from wear
  • septic bed safe - Soap nuts have anti microbial properties that help to break down the grey water of septic systems
  • Incredible homemade laundry and cleaning products from the raw berry

Not only will you save money with the purchase of Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts but you will be keeping up to 9 plastic bottles from entering the landfill and the soap nuts themselves do not release any of the toxic chemicals often found in commercial products.

Now that you have discovered Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts as a natural detergent alternative, you have no excuse not to use and environmentally friendly product - it’s the right choice for your laundry and for the planet.