“Finished up Met Con at blue and this is how my shoes looked when I finished, the bottom picture is how they looked after cleaning them with soap nut liquid…pretty impressive!!"

- Patty

"Soap berries save me loads of money, one bag goes a long way. The all purpose cleaner smells so fresh. As a laundry wash, I can cut out the extra rinse cycle that is needed for most brand name detergents. Also great for sensitive skin."


"I my own detergent for 6 years but found it too abrasive for my son's sensitive skin. Had used Earth's Berries from time to time before but tried them again when our son was little. And was so pleased to see the improvements in his skin irritations. Also started making liquid soap from the berries to use in the bath and I could feel it in the water right away that the water felt softer. " 


"My go to detergent! Perfect for my daughter's sensitive skin?? I have used this product for over 3 years now and absolutely love it! My toddler’s clothes stay clean and no harsh detergents are used. I love that it is compost friendly! And of course, it is a huge cost saving!"

- Carol

"Earth's Berries are the only thing I can use to wash my daughter’s clothes. Her skin is so sensitive, every time I use regular detergent she breaks out in a rash."

- Joanna

“I bought my first bag of Earth's Berries soap nuts 2 years ago and I am just now needing to re-order, that means that $35 did my laundry for me and my husband for 2 years. I still can’t believe it!” 

- Terri

"A local restaurant owner sent us this testimonial  "soap nuts gets the coffee stains and smells out of our cleaning cloths without harsh cleaners or chemicals. It gives us an all natural clean...Something we appreciate given our commitment to Fair Trade Organic coffee tea and other products."

- Shawn- owner of Highland Grounds in Flesherton, Ontario.

"These work shockingly well! I work in a fast food type restaurant and the smell always lingers in my clothes, even my socks. These take the smell right out when even the standard commercial detergent types wouldn't. These also make them quite a bit softer! I won't use anything else after trying these and Earth's Berries is so pleasant to deal with and offer everything you need. I will be back!"

- Hailey U

"I always take 4 or 5 soap nuts in a bag when we are camping or on the boat! I can wash my clothes, dishes, fruits & veggies, body & hair & a dozen other uses! Helps for packing light!"  

– Cheri

"I sent my son off to college with just the 1kg bag of Earth’s Berries, so easy, so portable and so eco-friendly"

– Michelle

"So many other detergents both commercial and organic just simply mask the smell of the urine and sweat in the sheets, once the floral scent of the fabric softener disappears they are left with a very strong ammonia smell“Their ability to remove the urine smell is absolutely fantastic, my father loves that he doesn’t feel like he smells like pee anymore, thank you for what you do.” 

 - Michael K

“Oh my goodness Karen, I can’t believe it!! I made the liquid like you said and I bathed George last night, he smelled incredible. This morning when we woke up he still had a lingering residue smell so I bathed him again, and now he is completely clean. I also washed all of his bedding and all of our drapes, you’d be amazed how much the smell was in my house.  I am a convert….you need to bottle this stuff!!”


"We use the Pet products and LOVE them. Washing out skunk odor is a breeze with this product! 

- Cheryl

“I used to have to replace my yoga wear and Lulu wear yearly because I couldn’t get the stink out. I also found that the colours faded and i just didn’t like the way that they looked anymore. Then my sister told me about Earth’s Berries, now my clothes smell fresh and clean and my yoga pants that are 5 years old are still black”

- Kathi

“I was given Earth’s Berries as a gift from a friend because she knew that I was looking for something that would clean my toe shoes. I was sceptical at first, but then amazed at how great they cleaned them and got the smell out.”

- customer stopping by our booth

“I can’t believe that Earth’s Berries get the stink out of my son’s hockey equipment, I have told all the other hockey families, they are amazing!!

 - Leanne

"I went to use my Earth's Berries Shampoo the other day and it was almost gone. I asked my son if he might possibly be using my shampoo.  He said, " yes, it is the best thing for my hair." Karen it seems your hair wash works great on "the man bun." I'm sure my son and all of his friends will become customers!!


"My wife bought your shampoo at Christmas, she wasn't really sure that she liked it, she said she just couldn't get past the time for her to adjust to that kind of shampoo. I LOVED the smell, so I tried it on my hair. I have dreadlocks, if you know anyone with dreadlocks, they don't try anything on their hair, it is a balance and we only usually use stuff that is recommended. But I figured what the h*** it's natural. This s*** is AMAZING, you need to start selling it as a specialized dread wash."  

- Everton

"If you need to take some soap on a plane trip so you can wash out some clothes while you're away, the soap nuts really come in handy! You can pack them right inside your checked suitcase with no worries about spillage. If you pack them in your carry on luggage, they don't have to be kept in that small limited liquids bag."  

- Mary Jane Jardine


"I love these products! I found them when looking for laundry soap that is natural because of my babies eczema. My husband got on the band wagon when it removed arm pit stains from his shirt that he was tossing out! I clean my house, fruits/veggies and do all my laundry with these products!!"

- Darcie Whittingham  

"Hands down the best straight from the earth laundry detergent you will find!"

- David Robert

"We use the Pet products and LOVE them. Washing out skunk odor is a breeze with this product!"

- Cheryl Law Naglis

"Loving Earth Berries for washing my baby's clothes, diapers and my clothes too! Will stop by the store when I'm in Collingwood this holiday. Great product. Thanks."

- Megan Bennett

"I've recently started using my Earth Berries on my son's cloth diapers and they work awesome!!!"

- Tamsan Puley

 "I was very apprehensive to try the soap nuts.....nuts are going to clean my clothes....I doubt it!!. However, I was given a free sample so I thought what do I have to lose. I was very shocked to see that my very dirty gardening clothes came out of the washer as clean as any detergent. I was sold."


"I just thought I'd let you know that I had an old piece of material that had yellowed quite badly at the folds, which is usually quite hard to get out. I washed them with the Earthsberries and it came out completely white. "

- Janine

"I have always been the kind of person that has a separate detergent for my blacks....don't want that little black dress to fade.... and one for my delicates. I was very surprised that when I used the soap nuts my colours didn't fade and my delicates washed up beautifully. l love the fact that you feel your fabric and not the detergent." - Kathi

"Totally surprised by performance."

- Jo

"Biggest factor I like about soap nuts is they leave no residue, especially nice with a dark wash! And no softener required."

- Tracey

"I use soap berries because they smell great! I love that they are shipped in small cloth bags, not giant plastic containers like conventional laundry detergents. '

- Lindsey

"Hi again! I just wanted to let you know that the "bonus gift" was received yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for going the extra mile. I can honestly say that this was the best customer service I have ever experienced. You actually beat Amazon & Sony Music in that regard. Rest assured, you have a customer for life. I'm taking the liberty of using the extra  a cotton bags to bring samples to friends and family I think may be interested. kindest regards."

- Peter

"I have been using Earth's Berries Soap Nuts since June and I LOVE THEM! It's wonderful to know not only are we eliminating plastics and unnatural chemicals out of the environment, but the suds are so gentle we don't have to worry about them burning our clothing (and leaving those nasty orange marks!) when we launder. The berries are light - they aren't heavy or cumbersome like big plastic laundry jugs. Super for anyone with arthritis - no heavy lifting! When I'm finished with them, I just toss them into my compost bin. Thank you mother nature and thank you Earth's Berries Soap Nuts!"

- Heather

"I've done 4 loads of laundry so far - with the same linen bag of soap nuts - and everything is clean so far! I had some food stained t-towels that came out clean, so far deodorant marks seem gone and nothing smells sweaty, and most importantly my musty towels - the reason I bought these - do NOT smell funky anymore! Hopefully everything continues to come out clean, I'm very happy so far and would buy this again. The only reason I don't give a "5" is that things are a little staticky out of the dryer, and I'm not sure if I should use softener sheets or not... Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend."

- Joanne

"I like using soap nuts as an alternative to laundry soap because they are very economical and easy to use. Your clothes never feel soapy they just smell clean and fresh. It also makes me feel good that I'am not harming the environment with chemicals."

- Lynn P

"We use Earth Berries because our family is trying in little ways, to what we can to be stewards of this earth. Earth Berries sell themselves if you give them a try! I tried them on a load of dirty socks and I was sold! You can feel and see the dirt on our socks by the time they make it to the laundry, so the results were pretty amazing for me to see! Using Earth Berries (and giving them out as Christmas presents to spread the word) makes us feel good about doing something to help the environment!."

- Sara

"I choose to use Soap Nuts: Because I can purchase a quantity at a time and they are easy to store, not heavy like detergent when carrying home from the store - actually are delivered to your door and are environmentally friendly in every way. Because I only need one product to do the laundry I don't have to worry about weird fragrances they are safe to use for everyone - babes, seniors, anyone who has skin conditions or allergies I like to support women supporting women."

 - Marl

" just wanted to let you know that using your product has made a HUGE positive impact on my life. I spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I changed my diet pretty drastically thinking I was allergic to the things I was eating. I also changed all my soaps and changed my detergents to an assortment of "green" products. I still was having skin issues. I finally tried Earth's Berries after buying them from the farmer's market in Collingwood. It solved my allergies!! Also I work in the construction industry so my clothes get really dirty. My clothes come out as clean as with any regular detergent. I just wanted to say thank you!"

- Amanda

"I am loving the Soap Nuts! Economical, ecological, village building, planet saving, people saving! Karen's story about a whole village being employed touched my heartstrings - a small change in my habits could mean a huge change in someone else's life. My clothes come out clean, soft and with no fragrance and a family is able to put food on their table - it's a win-win situation."
- Jan

"What I love about this product is that it is septic system friendly. Living in the country, you have to be REALLY vigilant about what you flush down the drain, as this water goes into your septic field. A lot of my friends also live on lakes, and they too are hyper vigilant about the products they use for cleaning and laundry.  Soap Berries cut out the need for using bleach type products, that are harmful for septic as well as the environment. I’m really happy to have `stumbled` across this great product, as it is so versatile, ecologically friendly and CHEAP!! I was sick and tired of spending lots of money on cleaning products that I had no idea what was in them, and if they were safe to use around my babies."

- Kim

"I love Earth's Berries because they not only clean my laundry, but they also take out any smells within the clothes. It is hard to explain but I find that if I do not take out the wash right away and dry it, there is a lingering odour and sometimes I have to rewash the laundry when using my regular laundry Detergent. Using Earth's Berries prevents the odour. I have always used Tide products, but since using your product I have been very satisfied in the cleanliness and freshness of our clothes.."

- Katrina

"The reason I have chosen to use Earth's Berries is to help eliminate pollution. What I love about them is how soft my clothes are. As a textile artist who makes one of a kind garments it is wonderful just how gentle on the fibers the soap is. I make up the cleaning solution for my hand washables and use it also to clean my counters. I believe everyone should give it a try. Step by step we can change the world." - Judith