Pet Care

Earth’s Berries soap nuts are amazing for all types of animals, however most of our testimonials come from people with horses, dogs and cats.

Not only can Earth’s Berries be used to help eliminate odours from all of the animal bedding but it is also great at getting rid of all pet odour in your home and also as a pet wash.

You can either boil down the raw Earth’s Berries soap nuts and create a liquid that you can use for all of these great ways for your pets. Or you can purchase, our concentrated cleaner or our Pet wash for a convenient way to keep your pet and your home clean.

Many ways to use Earth’s Berries for your Animals:

1.    Odour Removal of Blankets and Beds: Launder as normal with any of the Earth’s Berries products either soap nuts or Liquid Laundry Concentrate

2.    Urine accidents on soft surfaces such as carpets and furniture: Use correct dilution of concentrated cleaner in either a spot cleaning method or machine carpet cleaner

3.    Horse Care: The Pet wash or dilutedconcentrated cleaner can be used as a Horse rinse, leaving the coat odour free and shiny

4.    Cat and Dog Care: Use either the Waterless Pet wash or diluted concentrated cleaner for both shiny coat and odour removal

5.    Odour  removal: Use either the Waterless Pet Wash or Diluted concentrated cleaner for odour remover

6.    Skunk odour removal: Use either concentrated cleaner or Pet Wash to rid skunk odour on your animals and use either the Earth’s Berries soap nuts or Concentrated Liquid laundry to launder all soft material that has been affected by the skunk smell