Outdoor Enthusiast

Many people are taking to Nature to enjoy the sites and sounds and birds and animals in their natural environment. Unfortunately, smelling “downy fresh” is not a scent that attracts the wildlife, in fact it is a deterrent.

Earth’s Berries soap nuts not only act as an odour remover, but also as an odour neutralizer, which keeps your clothes not only clean but with absolutely no smell. Much of the athletic gear needs to be washed in costly special detergents. With Earths’ Berries you are able to protect your clothes and stay odour free.

If you are a hunter or fisherman you are likely spending money on expensive sportsmen’s detergents, there really is no need we have many customers who are hunters and swear by Earth’s Berries because it leaves no phosphate residue on your clothes.

Here are some tips on becoming scent free.