Organic Laundry Detergent

There are very few detergents that can actually classify themselves as an organic laundry detergents, many of the ingredients that you will find in laundry detergents can not be found in an organic form. Therefore, the only true way to find yourself in the possession of an organic laundry laundry detergent is to either make it yourself or to purchase soap nuts.

It seems the more popular soap nuts become, there is more and more  fraudulent sellers of inferior products. Those sellers, are selling Sapindus Trifoliatus soap nuts and passing them off as Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts or selling Chinese soap nuts and passing them off as Certified Organic. Therefore, now, even in the world of soap nuts you need to be a conscious consumer if you truly want and organic laundry detergent.


As the popularity of the soap nut has increased more and more people have decided to get into the soap nut biz. Earth’s Berries™ has been around for over 7 years so hopefully there is some information her to help you make and informed decision about the best organic laundry detergent on the market.  

The problem is that essentially YES, a soap nut is a soap nut is a soap nut.  That said :


Soap nuts from China are virtually impossible to be organic and unfortunately the companies have had history of bad practices.


Sapindus Trifoliatus varieties are much more inferior than the Sapindus Mukorossi variety. The Mukorossi variety is larger with a larger seed and has much more saponin that is much more effective for laundry and cleaning. 


Once you know that you have the Sapindus Mudorossi type from either Nepal or India, this is where the marketing of every company comes into play and they will tell you anything to try to separate themselves out from the pack.

  • Nepal soap nuts are better than Indian soap nuts
  • Indian soap nuts are better than Nepal soap nuts
  • Broken soap nuts are better than whole soap nuts
  • Whole soap nuts are better than broken soap nuts
  • Light brown in colour are better than dark brown
  • Dark brown are better than the light brown
  • Sticky soap nuts are better than dry soap nuts
  • Dry soap nuts are better than sticky soap nuts

Some companies even go as far as claiming sterilisation!! Which is a complete LIE!!!! 

Be cautious of how many loads the company is telling you that the soap nuts will do.

  • A 500g /1lb bag will yield about 150-200 loads of laundry!!! If any company is claiming anything over 250 for this size of a bag....It is a LIE!!!


Ultimately, buy from the company, one whose company’s priorties and ethics align with your own.

About Earth’s Berries soap nuts:

Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts are a combination of berries from India and Nepal. It is our corporate mission to work with suppliers who do more for their region than just pay to have soap nuts harvested, our suppliers are the most important part of this company. Knowing that we are helping to employ people is some of the poorest regions of the Himalayans is what is so important to us. Are either of their berries better than the other? I haven’t seen any evidence of this in 7 years, but maybe it’s the combination that works so well.


Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts will range from a light brown colour to a dark brown colour depending on the harvest time, the region, how they’ve been stored and what kind of shipping adventure they had while they travelled here. The lighter ones are more esthetically pleasing, but as far as efficiency there is little to no difference.  We regularly test Earth’s Berries™ that are 7 years old, and they still work just fine!!

Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts will be both broken and whole, sometimes you will even have a few broken bits. The berries are cut in half to take the seed out, so many will be in half, but whole, half or a quarter…..they still work. We do not believe in waste and for things to always look “pretty” so your Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts will not be a picture perfect bag of whole soap nuts. Again the whole ones are esthetically pleasing, but we actually have customers that hammer their Earth’s Berries™ because they think they work better crushed.

Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts will sometimes be sticky and sometimes dry, this has much more to do with humidity than anything else. Just because they are sticky does not always mean they are fresher, they will get sticky if they are in a humid environment.

Where we go further….

  • Our bags and our labels are all biodegradable made from wild grass sustainable paper by groups of women in the Philippines and Nepal.
  • We sponsor the education of 4 children in Nepal

Earth’s Berries™ are an incredible choice when deciding to switch to an organic laundry detergent.