Cloth Diapers

Earth’s Berries  “laundry soap” are not at all like traditional soap. The natural cleaning agent or “soap” in Earth’s Berries soap nuts is called saponin, which is a natural occurring plant based surfactant.  This is a natural soap solution and unlike traditional soaps they are residue free, where as other traditional soaps use lyes and oils that cause build up on both machines and materials.

The lack of residue and build up keeps cloth diapers absorbent because there is nothing that clogs the natural fibres of the cloth diapers. The natural saponin also acts as a natural softener so that they soften the fabric of the cloth diapers and leave a soft residue free fabric up against the soft sensitive skin of your baby.

Why use Earth’s Berries for your cloth diapers?

Many commercial detergents are loaded with chemicals and bleaches, all of those chemicals are up against your babies skin at all times. Earth’s Berries is all natural and leaves no chemical residue so that your baby is just wrapped in the natural cotton fibers of the diapers.

1.    Earth’s Berries leave no residue on the cloth diapers, no chemicals up against the baby’s skin
2.    Earth’s Berries also keep the diapers more absorbent because there is no build up to trap the absorbent fabric
3.    Clean clear through the fabric removing all odor and ammonia smell
4.    Soften naturally without needing to add other chemical softeners

How to use Earth’s Berries soap nuts for Cloth Diapers

*If you have been using traditional detergents it is best to strip your diapers using your favourite stripping method and also strip your washing machine by doing a load of laundry without any clothes and 1 cup of white vinegar.

1. Remove all solids from the diapers, give a good spray of the diapers
2. Use a cold water pre wash, or use the rinse cycle only on cold if your machine doesn’t have a pre wash cycle
3. Use ¼ cup of Earth’s Berries in a wash bag or use the recommended amount of Earth’s Berries liquid laundry detergent and use a hot/cold wash cycle.


Whitening diapers: Use ¼ cup of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide if you find that they need whitening
Strip diapers every 3 months, Earths’ berries do a great job at keeping residue at bay but the occasional strip can really help keep the diapers clean and fresh.