The latin name of Earth’s Berries soap nuts is Sapindus Mukorossi. The saponin in the berry gives these amazing little berries their powerful cleaning and softening capabilities. There are so many ways to use this that goes way beyond laundry.

7 Tips for using sapindus mukorossi Earth’s Berries

1.  Deodoriser:

  • Shoe odour: Put a wash bag of dry Earth’s Berries into each shoe and let them sit for a couple days, they will absorb the odour. After taking the shoes off everyday place the wash bags back in the shoes to keep them continually smelling fresh.
  • Sports Bags: Does your Hockey Bag Stink? Add a couple Hockey Equipmentof wash bags with dry Earth’s Berries into the sports bag and you will notice a definite deterioration of smell within a few days. Change the berries from the wash bag about every two weeks. Remember to keep all of your equipment washed for optimal odour removal.
  • Home Christmas DecoratingDécor: To maintain a deodorised home place Earth’s Berries in a bowl and use them around the house, it looks beautiful as natural décor within your home.

2. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Place a wash bag full of Earth’s Berries into your toilet tank and let it do the washing for you, replace every 2-3 weeks. *Earth’s Berries normally sitting in room temperature water would mold, however because the tank water is so cold they work great!

3.  Gardening

  • Crush up the Earth’s Berries and spread them around your plants it helps to keep bugs away from the plants; this also helps to enrich your soil. *It will tend to make it more acidic so just check your soil ph to make sure this would work for you
  • Is there a deer eating your hosta? They absolutely despise the smell of the sapindus mukorossi so just spread Earth’s Berries  around the hosta and you won’t have half eaten tops!!

Here are some great uses if you take some time to make up the liquid. You can find the recipe on the back of the bag or our video here.

4.  Jewellery cleaner

Fill a cup with liquid and let your jewellery soak overnight. Polish as needed.

*I like to do this as soon as I make up the liquid before I add anything to help preserve the liquid as things like citric acid aren’t good for your fine jewels

5.  Body and Hair Cleanser

Put the liquid in a spray bottle, you can add essential oils that might be great for your skin, and then you simply spray your entire body and rinse. Earth’s Berries liquid is an amazing cleanser for your skin and hair it has been used for centuries in the Eastern World. Sapindus mukorossi has been used for years in the world of Ayurvedic medicine to aid the body in healing.

* Make sure you have preserved the liquid with at least one of the following: some essential oil, citric acid, oil of oregano or grapefruit seed extract. The temperature inside the shower will cause the liquid to go off quickly if it has not been preserved.

6.  Pet Wash

It’s not only good for you but it is good for your pets as well. The biggest claim to fame is how well it gets rid of skunk odour!!Use in the same manner as you would as a body cleanser. However, I would suggest not using essential oils as a preservative as pets are very sensitive to smells, and some essential oils can be harsh on their skin.

7.  All Purpose Cleaner

Earth’s Berries liquid contains amazing anti bacterial and anti microbial properties, therefore it is an incredible non abrasive disinfecting cleaner. Here are some places it shines the brightest!!

Stainless steel appliances
Glass stove tops
Wood floors (make sure to test)
Tile Floors
Shoe Cleaner….I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves!!

Dress Shoe Cleaner

cleaning power of sapindus mukorossi

Hope you take advantage of some of these other areas that Earth’s Berries soap nuts can be used in your home. You virtually can buy a bag of Earth’s Berries soap nuts and a few essential oils and completely rid your home of any other cleaners!! Talk about economical and eco-friendly!!

Do you use Earth’s Berries in a way that is a bit more than laundry….please post it here!!

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