About Earth’s Berries™

Earth’s Berries™ was established in 2009, when company owner Karen Salcedo first became exposed to soap nuts and it's natural uses as an organic laundry detergent.

In a desire to give the earth credit for what it provides, Earth’s Berries™  was born. Karen was inspired to take Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts to market in an attempt to change the way people look at their laundry detergent and cleaning products and hoping that this small change will help to leave the planet in a better state for not only her children, Joshua and Madison but all future generations.

Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts was established with the hope of replacing toxic chemicals that are currently found in many Canadian homes with an eco friendly alternative. In an effort to replace those toxins we are especially focused in those households that would normally not seek out a eco friendly product.

We endeavor to work cooperatively with growers, suppliers and our customers in an effort to simplify the cleaning process and removing the toxic chemicals from households and store shelves. We believe in using what has been provided for us by the Earth itself and in making small steps to leave the planet a better place for the future.

Earth’s Berries™ is a socially as well as environmentally friendly company. Earth’s Berries™ employs 130 people in the Himilayan’s in the farming, harvesting and export of the berries. Earth’s Berries™ also sponsor children through the Elephant Thought's program. Every time you purchase of Earth’s Berries™ soap nuts it  helps children and those in third world countries in a direct to source way by offering employment and allowing farmers to earn their own living.

You can read more about Karen, her inspirations and challenges that helped her create and build Earth’s Berries™ through her blog - Karen's Soap Box