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Washing Cloth Diapers

How to wash Cloth Diapers with Soap Nuts

I wish I had known about soap nuts when my kids were in their cloth diapers. The hypoallergenic, sensitive skin properties make it ideal for babies bottoms. The diapers get clean and smell amazingly fresh and fabulous!!

  1. Step 1. Throw the whole batch of diapers in the wash, and set it to a Cold-Cold wash. This will just be a prewash cycle to get rid of any 'solids' that you could not get rid of by dunking. Add about 1/2c baking soda OR Borax OR washing soda to help eliminate stains and smells.
  2. Step 2. When this full cycle is done, turn it to a Hot-Cold wash cycle. At this time, add either 3Tbsp soap nuts liquid OR a small bag with 4 or 5 shells. There is no need to add vinegar because the soap nuts will leave the diapers soft.
  3. Step 3. Dry your diapers as usual.