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Earth Berries for a Better Earth!


No chemicals or harmful waste means a cleaner environment.
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Sponsor a Child

Earths's Berries sponsors children in the Himilayan region of India, where our berries are grown.
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Save Money!

1 bag of Earth's Berries will do as many washes as 9 bottles of laundry detergent!
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Really Clean Clothes!

A gentle, natural cleaner with built in fabric softening and colour protection.
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Welcome to Earths Berries™ Soap Nuts


Hi, my name is Karen and I am the owner of Earth's Berries Soap Nuts in Collingwood, Ontario Canada. The name came from a desire to give the Earth credit for what it provides for us. I began selling soap nuts in July 2009 and it is a product that I have become really passionate about.

I have been using eco friendly laundry detergent and cleaning supplies for 20 years and I've always found that the main reason people don't choose this option is simply because they think it is too expensive. Well, then came soap nuts, the cheapest way I know to do laundry with no need at all for fabric softener! Soap Nuts: An Overview of the Amazing Natural Cleaning Berry

As consumers become more eco-conscious, use of harmful products like laundry detergents is sure to change.


What Are Earth's Berries Soap Nuts?

Soap nuts aren't technically nuts. They're fruit, taken from the soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi). In appearance, they're similar to the lychee nut, yet they're not grown for consumption. Thanks to their high concentration of foaming "saponin," soap nuts are used throughout the world as cleaning agents.

Harvested in India and Nepal, soap nuts have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and for decades in Europe. In the past decade, it has made its way to North America and Canada, where it has been recognized as a natural, potent cleaning alternative to the harsh chemicals common to detergents and household cleaners. And while it's difficult to rid daily use of cleaners and harsh soaps completely, it is possible to diminish use. One way is to use alternatives that are environmentally friendly. In the case of eco friendly laundry detergent, look no further than soap nuts.